Vienna: City of Music and Hot Chocolate


Three recitals gone, fifteen to go on my ECHO tour!

This time, Ashley Fripp and I were in Vienna to perform in the Brahms Saal of the Musikverein. What a beautiful, intimate hall and again we were spoilt by wonderful acoustics that allow for huge dynamic and colour range.

It was my first time in Vienna and I was pleasantly surprised by how the city just breathes music. Everywhere on the streets there were people carrying instruments and, for the first time, I didn’t feel like the odd one out with a big white thing on my back that passers by refer to as anything ranging from a piano to a balloon!

Approaching the venue I felt very humbled. Yes, the architecture is gorgeous, but I had also realised that this particular concert was on the same date as when I first performed Prokofiev’s Sinfonia Concertante with piano in an internal undergraduate concert at the Guildhall School, as a first year student five years ago.

Later that night I raised a glass (or a few) to the next five years in which, hopefully, luck will meet preparation as it has been so far.

The only thing I regret from this leg of the tour was that I didn’t get the chance to have some of the famous Viennese hot chocolate. Sometimes, in life, one chooses practice over hot chocolate.


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