Brussels, and Cologne at Christmas

 Cologne Cathedral - for blog

Cologne and Brussels were beautiful; a perfect time to visit Cologne with all its Christmas markets, traditional German food and mulled wine. This is the city that contains my favourite architectural site: The Cologne Cathedral. I find it stunning, where every inch of the city is infused with a fascinating overload of Gothic detail. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Philharmonie is situated only a minute’s walk away from here. The concert hall itself was unique too, submerged underground and with seats somewhat dauntingly surrounding close to the stage.

Cologne Hall - for blog

Brussels was another atmospheric place. The Palace of Culture was extremely friendly–or at least, I thought so. I heard stories of competitors in the Queen Elizabeth Competition, who, toward the latter stages of the competition, having been shut away for a week, were told to learn a piece of contemporary repertoire that was to be performed by heart. What a nightmare!

Brussels 2 - for blog

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