Greek Warmth

Athens 1 - for blog

When there is sunshine, stunning food, lovely people and a fantastic concert hall, little can go wrong.

It is safe to say that Ashley and I fell in love with Greece instantly. With 18 degrees in the middle of January, we experienced our fair share of ‘winter sun’. The atmosphere in Athens was so warm, and so were the people, who were incredibly kind.

Quite frustratingly, on the night before the concert, I kept circling the Megaron unable to find the artist’s entrance. After a while, a kind woman stopped and offered to help me (and in English too!). But I was cursing myself afterwards for not offering her a ticket to my concert, but I only thought of it 30 seconds after saying goodbye!

I very much hope to play in Greece again. Who knows, maybe I’ll bump into more kind people and this time invite them along to a concert!

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