Pleasure in Paris

My first time in Paris was certainly a memorable experience! The Cité de la Musique plaza was buzzing with excitement, due to their new hall being recently built. Events during the opening had been scheduled back to back, including three concerts in the chamber hall, which were all sold out! It was an intense pleasure to play the […]


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Elevated in Hamburg

Hamburg gave us quite a shock. Ashley and I flew directly from a warm, 18-degree Athens to what felt like the sub-zero depths of winter in Hamburg! There was no drop in the beauty levels, however. This city has given birth to two of the classical music greats, among others, and calls them its ‘sons’: Brahms and […]

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Greek Warmth

When there is sunshine, stunning food, lovely people and a fantastic concert hall, little can go wrong. It is safe to say that Ashley and I fell in love with Greece instantly. With 18 degrees in the middle of January, we experienced our fair share of ‘winter sun’. The atmosphere in Athens was so warm, […]

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